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Howard Clark Coaching works in conjunction with Squash4schools. This is run by Nottinghamshire Squash Rackets Association. It is aimed at primary schools years 5 & 6. It is normally a six to eight week course run as an After School Club or Breakfast Club, but can be run as part of the normal school time PE classes.

A team of coaches run sessions in a number of schools in the county.  Inflatable mini courts are used that can be set up in most sports halls.The sessions run are based on the mini squash programme using small junior rackets and and large soft foam balls. Groups of about 16 are ideal but larger or smaller groups can easily be accommodated. Mini squash also incorporates the Fundamentals of Movement including the  ABCs (Agility, Balance and Coordination) so fits in with the National Curriculum.
They will learn all the basic shots and play competitive games such as King of the Courts, where players try and move up to the top court by winning their games whilst trying to stay out of the Dungeon (lowest court), a game they love and stretches their imagination. Small prizes or stickers may often be given to pupils not only because they may be the best players but also those that try hard or are most well behaved or for other reasons the coach deems appropriate, so everyone stands a chance to win. The school then may have the opportunity of placing a team of players to represent the school at an Inter Schools Tournament to be played on full size squash courts and to be held at Nottingham Squash Rackets Club or another local venue that has courts available. Winner medals are up for grabs!

Coaches are paid by the school but Nottingham Squash Rackets Association has some funding available to help with this in certain cases, or your school can apply for other grants that are available to promote sports and activities within schools.

Howard Clark Coaching offer a free introductory trial session giving chance for the school to sign up pupils for further sessions.

All coaches are England Squash and Racketball qualified coaches, hold DBS and Child Protection certificates. All equipment needed will be provided by the coach.

Pupils should wear their standard PE clothing on attending any session.

If interested and want a coach to visit the school to discuss rates, availability or further information please use following link to register your interest and leave your contact information. CONTACT